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End-to-end Climate Solutions

The Future Carbon Group is the first holding company in the Brazilian carbon credits market to offer different decarbonization solutions, with different methodologies and an end-to-end operation in the areas of forest conservation, agribusiness, and production of clean and renewable energy.

We support companies, businesses and partners throughout the decarbonization process, from development to implementation of their journey and climate governance, always with a business approach, corporate experience, technical knowledge and the financial sophistication that only our team can guarantee.

To ensure the highest integrity and transparency in all processes, Future Carbon Group undergoes international audits and has an independent integrity committee.

We rely on nature to develop the best solutions for our partners

Corporate decarbonization solutions

Generation of carbon credits

Our platform offers solutions encompassing education, action plans for reduction and offset, project development and validation, and the negotiation of high-integrity carbon credits. We unlock customized decarbonization solutions with a positive impact on our partners’ revenues.

Discover which climate strategy is most appropriate for your company.

All our projects are approved by global certifiers

High-quality, high-impact Carbon Credits Factory

Through Nature-Based Solutions, we develop carbon credit projects in forests of native species, in partnership with private landowners. We carefully select our partners, performing rigorous due diligence to ensure the highest integrity. Our forestry projects aim to preserve and restore ecosystems, but they also bring social and environmental benefits by preserving biodiversity and boosting local bioeconomy chains while generating income opportunities aligned with sustainability.

Our Technology-Based Solutions allows an energy transition with low environmental impact, operating and developing projects to generate carbon credits across different segments related to energy, directly contributing to the decarbonization of the planet.

Essential in the decarbonization process, Brazilian agribusiness has the necessary solutions for the low-carbon economic transition, adopting conservationist practices that seek to align productivity and financial gains. Our projects work by generating shared value, where we develop benefits for rural producers while unlocking new income opportunities through carbon credits.

Levers for growth

Customized solutions for education and dissemination of knowledge on the decarbonization journey and challenges to prepare the future of the carbon market now. Lectures, training, workshops and projects so that companies can make commitments on this journey.

We work side by side with the financial market, using sophisticated tools, such as a carbon credit trading desk on a global scale, creation of financial products, and purchase and sale of assets.

Integrating scalable technologies into all decarbonization processes is one of our differentiators, which enables efficiency and scale, in addition to being fundamental for the carbon market to reach a new level of growth and delivery.


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