Carbon credit projects that transform lives and

drive business growth

Our projects

Future Carbon guarantees all the steps, from the planning to the execution of forestry, energy and agribusiness projects.
Projects undergo independent audits that ensure the integrity and transparency of the quality and quantity of credits generated, negotiated, and retired.

We are a carbon credit factory with high integrity and great social impact.

All our projects are approved by global certifiers

Invest in nature

Projects that protect fauna and flora in private areas or areas under pressure from deforestation while transforming the life of the local community by generating new jobs, income and access to health, education, and cutting-edge technology.

Future Carbon ensures energy access and transition to clean, renewable and competitive energy with both energy efficiency projects and nature-based solutions. Learn about our energy projects.

A field with the greatest potential for adopting sustainable practices, Brazilian agribusiness is essential for the decarbonization process and the greatest proof that both sustainable low-carbon agriculture and livestock are profitable.


People change business. Business changes the world! Would you like to understand the carbon opportunities for your reality?

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