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The CIBiogás project consists of the installation and operation of a large-scale Bioenergy Center and is in its implementation phase in the town of Toledo, Paraná. Developed with the goal of promoting the production and use of biogas as a source of renewable energy using pig manure and other substrates for the production of biogas and electricity generation from the adoption of anaerobic biodigestion systems.

Developed jointly by Itaipu Binacional, CIBiogás, Itaipu Technological Park and the town of Toledo, the project mission is to boost sustainable development through the implementation and use of technologies and practices related to biogas.

CiBiogás also has a great socioeconomic impact, as it promotes social and economic inclusion through the generation of jobs and income in rural areas. The implementation of biodigestion systems can benefit both family farmers and local communities, by encouraging the proper management of organic waste for the production of clean energy.





Toledo, State of Paraná


Under implementation


10 years

The CIBiogás project encourages the adoption of anaerobic biodigestion systems that allow organic matter to be decomposed by microorganisms under controlled conditions, resulting in the production of biogas. Composed mainly of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, biogas can be used as a source of clean and renewable energy to generate electricity, heat, or vehicle fuel, significantly contributing to the decarbonization process.


AMS-III.D. V. 21.0 and AMS-I.D. V.18.0. Both methodologies are based, respectively, on the generation of clean and renewable energy from animal waste and renewable sources, reducing harmful gas emissions and contributing to the decarbonization process.

Project numbers

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Key benefits of the project

The CIBiogás Biogas project contributes to 2030 Agenda by meeting six of the 17 of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some of its main benefits include the generation of new forms of work and source of income in rural areas, promotion of healthier work environments, and the local community’s involvement in the entire process. The project also inhibits water pollution and keeps the soil clean and free of residues, in addition to avoiding the emission of harmful gases to nature.

SDGs impacted

Social opportunities

Social opportunities

Environmental impact

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) may be restricted for greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with electricity generated by the Toledo Bioenergy Plant, located in the Municipality of Toledo/PR.

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